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Customised digital learning media.

I create individual e-learning modules with a targeted view to your specific needs. 


Well, you could say I'm not like most of the many instructional designers out there. I'm what you might call an end-to-end designer, because I manage your project from the beginning until completion, write your content, and develop your final product. 


E-learning and blended learning are only one part of an education and training concept. I will support you through all the steps of production including the conception, the method planning, the content creation up to the system integration.


Do you already have your own e-learning content which is outdated and incomplete? I would be happy to update them for you.

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E-Learning Development

How may i assist you?

There are countless solutions to help you create behavior change in your organization. Here are some of the key services I offer and the different ways I can assist you.

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Micro Learning Content

Often, there is not enough time to train employees with extensive learning programs. By splitting learning content into small bites and using digital tools, learners are less likely to become cognitively overloaded and can access information "just-in-time" whenever they need it. 

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Digitize instructor led trainings

Do you have classroom trainings which you would like to transform into eLearning modules? I supply creative eLearning designs, interactions and video content to bring existing training content to life.

Standard content, easy, ready to use.

Standard eLearning Content

Are you looking for standard content that you can use immediately? Please do not hesitate to contact me!

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Educational Consulting

The target of learning is to change the behavior within an organization. To achieve this, an assessment of needs must be conducted to create an accordingly designed training.

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Individual eLearning modules 

An appropriate mix of didactic design, visual presentation and interactivity can be used to convey content in a user-friendly and purposeful way.

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Blended learning concepts

By combining print, digital, and social modules and integrating them into classroom training, learning is more learner-centric. This gives each individual the opportunity to discover information at their own pace.

Do you want to know more?

Do you have a question or want to learn more about how we can work together? I look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to help.